(1) Contact a participating SaskEnergy Network Member

Your Network Member will help you determine eligible equipment options for your home. Rebates are available for the replacement of the following equipment:

  • Furnace (96%+ AFUE two-stage or 96% AFUE modulating) – $325
  • Furnace (97%+ AFUE modulating) – $650
  • Boiler (95%+ AFUE) – $10/MBH (up to $2,000 per home)
  • Combi Boiler (95%+ AFUE) – $800
  • ENERGY STAR® Heat Recovery Ventilator – $100
  • ENERGY STAR® Tankless Water Heater – $1,000
  • ENERGY STAR® Condensing Water Heater – $1,000
  • ENERGY STAR® Tank Water Heater – $250
(2) Apply

Once the equipment installation is complete, the SaskEnergy Network Member will complete the application on your behalf.  They will:

  • Ask you to verify and sign the Customer Confirmation portion of the application form
  • Attach the supporting documentation and submit to SaskEnergy for processing
(3) Rebate issued

Once we receive the required documentation, you will receive a cheque within 6-8 weeks.

HOW TO Get A $1736.80 Rebate and Save 8% on Your Equipment

Yes, it’s absolutely true, you can actually replace your old (and probably very inefficient) furnace and air conditioner and SAVE 8% on the equipment and receive a $1736.80 rebate, in Saskatchewan it is $1736.80 +.


Let me explain:

To get special pricing at the beginning of 2021, we committed to a load of air conditioners, Furnaces, and Tankless Water Heaters for the summer and had to guess how many we would need to meet the demand.  Of course, we’re never exactly right, so it is typical to have inventory left over until the next summer’s cooling season. This year we have 35 air conditioners, furnaces and Tankless Water heaters leftover in different sizes and efficiencies.

These are brand new 2021 factory fresh units, NOT second or “blems” or “builder” models and have a full 10-year manufacturer parts warranty. Depending on the model, some have 10-year parts AND labor warranty and a manufacturing unit replacement warranty to the original homeowner . . . so this could be the last air conditioner you will ever buy because if the compressor ever goes bad, you get a whole new air conditioner!  The best manufacturer warranty in the industry from the #1 manufacturer in the world.


HERE’S HOW YOU CAN GET A $1736.80  Rebate and Save 8% on Equipment

If we have the furnace, air conditioner, or tankless water heater size you need in inventory, and you decide to buy any two units and have them installed by November 30th, 2021, I will give you $1736.80  and it will save you 8% on the equipment. All I ask is for you to purchase a furnace and air conditioner with the IAQ Package, or a Furnace and Tankless water heater with an IAQ package, and you will receive a $1736.80  rebate and save 8% on the equipment because we bought an extra stock before the prices jump up in November. You Can’t Lose!!



Understandably, you may find this too good to be true. This “irresistible” offer will also help me accomplish three things:

  1. Get rid of my leftover air conditioning inventory from 2021
  2. Help cover my rent, utilities, insurance, and taxes in the slow months
  3. Pay my professional staff of 14 to work instead of paying them to sweep the floors

If I can accomplish these three objectives, I will minimize my losses, and the rest of the year can be a winner.



Even after we completely explain the installation there is absolutely no obligation. If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of these spectacular savings – that’s OK. I will give you a free furnace safety inspection worth $99.00, since you were kind enough to read this letter and give me a chance to solve my problem. I want you to think well of R&D Plumbing & Heating, even if you don’t buy.



You don’t even have to pay me right away. I have set up a terrific bank financing rate (on approved credit), and unlike most companies, we will not mark up the interest rate.

Consider this, if you decide to make monthly investments (as low as $72.42/month) instead of paying cash, the entire amount of your payments can be substantially offset by the savings on your utility bill. It’s like “having your cake and eating it too.”



I’m so confident that you will save at least 15% on your cooling and heating bills (I’m projecting more like 30% to 50%), that I will pay you Double the Difference for one year if you don’t.

There is no way you can lose. Your lower utility bill will help offset the payment on your new system, and I will even double your savings if you save less than 20%.

If these systems were not among the best on the market, I couldn’t afford to make such a promise.



You must act before November 30th. Here’s why:

  1. I have only 35 units left over. When all the furnace, air-conditioners, and Tankless are sold that’s it. First come first served and my new units will cost me 8% more than the ones I have pre-purchased.
  2. If I do happen to have any of the additional units on November 30th (although I doubt it as I sold out last year) this offer still ends.


My business always starts improving in mid-November, and I can sell my Units at 2021 prices this coming summer and still come out OK.



Just call R&D at 780-875-9435 night or day. I, or someone from my team, will come to your home and determine the availability of the proper size. As of right now, I have 35 units leftover in various sizes and efficiencies. When they are gone this remarkable offer ends. First come first served!

We will show you the installed 2021 price of your new air conditioner that fits your home, then we will also show you everything that is included with your new system and show you your $1736.80 rebate on the spot.


Give R&D Plumbing and Heating a call now at 780-875-9435 and set up an appointment at no obligation to see if we have a system that fits your home.

Thank you for reading this rather long letter. I hope you will profit greatly because of it.


Ryan MacDuff


P.S. This is probably one of the most appreciated opportunities extended to homeowners in our area. Every one of the homeowners that took advantage of this offer last year received an incredibly low price and reduced their utility bill.


P.P.S. Don’t forget to ask about the Saskatchewan Rebate to save you even more money!!


Apply for massive savings on A/C Units, Furnaces, and Water Heaters! We have a surplus of brand new units in stock with last year’s pricing, and we want to pass the savings on to you! If we have the size you need in inventory*.  You’re eligible for this rebate.

  • Buy any two units with an IAQ Package
  • Have them installed before November 30th
  • Receive $1300 back, and up to $2600 back if you’re a resident of Saskatchewan

Help us clear out our stock, make your home more energy-efficient and take advantage of this remarkable deal!

This is a limited-time offer ending November 30th! Payment plans are available. Call R&D Plumbing & Heating at 1-780-875-9435 for more information and to set up a no-obligation appointment. We’ll come to you to make sure it’s a perfect fit!

*Inventory stock is limited to certain makes and models.

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