Boilers are vital parts of a water heating or home heating system. They are an ideal way to heat water and warm homes during the harsh winter weather. When boilers malfunction, they can inconvenience owners and cause problems. A faulty boiler reduces your home’s comfort and can increase utility bills. If you need Boiler Services and repairs, it’s best to call an expert for professional assistance.

Boiler Repair Services

Sudden boiler issues can be stressful and sometimes costly to fix. Fortunately, most boiler problems are easily repaired by heating system professionals. Keep yourself informed by learning more about a few boiler problems.


Faulty internal components like the pump seal or pressure valve can cause a boiler leak. Leaks resulting from the pressure relief valve indicate too high pressure in the boiler system. A worn-out pump seal also causes a leak. Boiler pipes also leak due to corrosion. It’s best to hire a professional as soon as you notice boiler leaks to diagnose and fix the issue.

Boiler is Kettling

Have you noticed strange rumbling sounds similar to a kettle boiling? It’s a sign of a faulty boiler caused by limescale buildup or sludge accumulation on the heat exchanger. Boiler kettling is a common problem faced by homeowners living in places with hard water, though it still affects areas with softer water. Boiler kettling forces the appliance to work harder than usual and shortens its lifespan. If your boiler is kettling, call a professional to flush the build-up and restore its functionality.

Lower Boiler Pressure

Boilers lose pressure due to bleeding radiators, water leaks, or broken valves. You can check your boiler’s pressure by looking at the built-in pressure gauge. Talk to a boiler expert as soon as you notice a significant reduction in the boiler pressure.

Boiler Maintenance

Servicing your boiler saves you money, increases its lifespan, and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Autumn and winter seasons can be busy for the boiler system as homeowners switch on their heating systems. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire professional plumbing services to conduct a checkup before the season to increase its efficiency and prevent possible breakdowns.

During annual or regular boiler inspections, plumbers complete several tasks, including:

  • Oil filter replacement
  • Combustion chamber cleaning
  • Test for efficiency
  • Inspecting for component wear
  • Flue pipe inspection
  • Cleaning the oil burner

Regular boiler maintenance ensures efficiency because some boiler components wear out over time, and winter weathers force the system to work harder. An annual inspection ensures that all components and moving parts are at their optimal functioning capacity. Another benefit of regular boiler maintenance is cost savings. An efficient boiler doesn’t have to work harder than it should to heat water or warm up your home. Ultimately, regular boiler maintenance reduces energy costs and prevents the need for repairs and replacement parts.

Purchasing a new boiler can be costly. Therefore, you want your boiler to last for as long as possible. Regular boiler services can help to extend its lifespan. Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on your boiler with professional annual inspection services. Most warranties require homeowners to maintain their boilers to keep warranties in force. Therefore, if you cannot remember the last time a professional checked on your boiler system, schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Boiler Replacement Services

If your boiler is old or it no longer serves its purpose, the best solution is to replace it. Rather than waiting for a total failure, you can consider a few signs of needing to replace the heating component. A professional can help choose a new and modern boiler that will serve your home’s heating needs. The advantage of replacing an old boiler is that you can upgrade to a modern and more energy-efficiency appliance.

One of the telltale signs you may need heating services for boiler replacement is corrosion. Most modern boilers are designed to resist corrosion, but leaks and broken valves can cause corrosion between the burners and heat exchangers. These are other signs that suggest the need for boiler replacement services:

  • Age of the system
  • Reduced comfort
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Unusual and loud noises
  • Reduced efficiency
  • An increase in upkeep costs
  • Leaks
  • Yellow flame

Leave It to the Boiler Pros

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