Plumbing is an essential feature of homes and businesses, and even a minor problem like a small leak can create havoc and cause expensive damage. Water damage may undermine foundations, and unfixed plumbing issues could inflate utility bills. Regular professional maintenance prevents these and many other problems.
R & D Plumbing and Heating is a full-service company specializing in plumbing maintenance, installation, and repair. Our residential and commercial maintenance includes sewer systems, water heaters, pipes, slab leaks, and toilets.

Plumbing Maintenance Services

There are times when nothing can prevent a plumbing emergency, and when that happens, technicians provide fast 24/7 emergency help. However, our maintenance services can reduce the chance of sudden disasters and ensure that plumbing systems work efficiently.
Professional maintenance includes, but is not limited to: Sewer and Drain Care. Clogged drains can slow the daily routine down or even become catastrophes. Most people do not call a plumber until the problem becomes severe, leading to expensive repairs. However, routine drain inspections allow experts to detect and prevent many issues. Technicians can identify debris caught in pipes or damages without harming pipes. During routine maintenance, plumbers can find and repair problems caused by sewer issues. Specialists use video equipment to examine the insides of pipes and find the reasons for complications.


Plumbers evaluate toilets to make sure they are functioning well and not wasting water. Technicians quickly identify and correct problems such as bowls that do not fill up enough, leakage around bowls, partial flushes, and phantom flushes.

Leak Detection

A general plumbing inspection can often identify leaks that property owners do not realize exist. Over time, small leaks can run up water bills and cause structural damage.

Water Heaters

Routine professional water heater inspections uncover issues that increase utility bills and reduce available hot water. Technicians will also recommend the best type of hot water for each customer’s needs.

Pipe Systems

Plumbers quickly locate problems caused by leaking or corroded pipes. They can repair sections of piping or replace the entire pipe system.

Slab Leaks

Leaking slabs are serious problems that can lead to high water bills, water pooling near foundations, and mould, and they are hard to detect.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance

Regular professional plumbing maintenance offers benefits that can save property owners money and improve residents’ and tenants’ health.

Improved Water Pressure

A hidden leak often leaves showers and faucets with low water pressure, resulting in some frustrating situations. During plumbing inspections, technicians find and repair undetected leaks that affect water pressure.

Plumbing Systems Last Longer

Routine maintenance ensures that plumbing systems remain functional and efficient, which extends the life of the equipment. Too much water pressure can lead to burst pipes, and undetected leaks may damage water appliances.

A Healthier Environment

Routine inspections allow HVAC experts to identify moisture buildup associated with low indoor air quality. Cracked or faulty pipes often allow moisture to escape, which leads to mold growth and stale air. HVAC systems are strained as they try to filter the air, which increases energy use.

Mold spores also circulate through HVAC systems, creating low indoor air quality. The EPA estimates that 4.6 million U.S. asthma cases are linked to mold and dampness.

Better Water Quality

Plumbers can also identify issues that impact the purity of home or business water. Common problems include corroded pipes and moisture buildup that leads to bacteria growth. Technicians can spot contamination, identify its source, and correct the problem.

Lower Water Bills

A leak that produces just two drops of water every two seconds could waste up to 3,000 gallons of water a year. It only takes one or two small leaks to cause water bills to skyrocket. According to the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency), merely preventing a toilet from gurgling can save as much as 13,000 gallons of water annually. Routine maintenance allows technicians to find and repair issues that cause water waste.

Customer Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

R & D Plumbing and Heating is committed to providing the highest-level installations, repairs, and maintenance services. If we don’t fix a problem correctly, the service is free.