In-Floor Heating

Homeowners give a lot of thought to personal comfort when they design their bedrooms or family rooms. Comfort should also become a priority in bathroom builds and renovations. One of the most important needs for any bathroom is to keep the space adequately heated. No one will feel comfortable in a cold, drafty bathroom. The best way to achieve even, consistent heat is through a reliable heating system.

Keep Everything Cozy

Radiant floor heat addresses two issues immediately. First, in-floor heating systems prevent cold spots on the floor. Many people struggle to feel comfortable when their feet are cold. The sensation of bare feet on a cold tiled bathroom floor first thing in the morning or the middle of the night will not create a sense of coziness.

A second issue it addresses is that heated air rises. Warm floors radiate heat upwards and throughout the room. The heating system makes it possible to avoid cold spots. The freedom from blasts of cold air in the bathroom becomes very appreciated as people disrobe for their showers and baths.

Reduce Air Particulates

Forced hot air systems produce a blast of heat to warm each room. Many people and pets love the heat as it rushes from the vents. Unfortunately, the vents also push dust, pet dander, and other particulates into the air at the same time. In the bathroom’s humidity, the dust particles and other matter become not only potential airborne allergens, but they also cling to fixtures and walls. Heated bathroom floors do not produce the same movement, so the air stays cleaner and the rooms are easier to keep dust-free.

Avoid Rust Growth

The coated metal parts on the vents of other heating systems look attractive enough when new. Over time, exposure to water and the wear and tear common in any home can cause parts of the metal to oxidize. A slight scratch in a wet environment can lead to the appearance of rust. Certain activities like children splashing in a bathtub or the attempt to bathe a family pet can cause more water than expected to cover the room. It is not always easy to remove the water immediately or as thoroughly as people would like.

The addition of in-floor heating in Lloydminster, AB homes can avoid the need to sand and repaint radiator coverings and floor vents. Excess water removal is still important for the safety of the room, but it removes the risk of a rusted vent or ductwork if a bathtub or sink overflows.

Keep it Tranquil

Spa bathroom designs have continued to gain in popularity. The perfect at-home spa needs specific features to make the design successful. All decisions for this decor choice typically focus on the creation of a tranquil space. In-floor heating meets this standard. The heating system provides comfortable and consistent warmth, and it silently achieves that goal. Using radiant heat avoids the noise of a blower or the clang and thump of heated water as it moves through the coils of a radiator.

Save Some Money

In-floor heating also offers an efficiency not found with other heating systems. Forced hot air and forced hot water systems rarely warm the floor sufficiently and cause cold spots in the room. Homeowners may need to turn their thermostat up higher than they would like to get the cold areas to a comfortable temperature. Energy experts estimate that the change of one degree higher on a thermostat for eight hours can raise home heating costs by one percent.

In-floor heating keeps the floor comfortable and the rising warmth consistently heats all the air in the room. Cold spots disappear there is no need to raise the thermostat to stay comfortable in certain areas of the room.

Most bathrooms do not have extra space, so there is a lot of value in not needing a radiator or to find floor or wall space for a vent or other heating element. Include the efficiency, quietness, and cleanliness in-floor heating offers and it is easy to see why this is the perfect solution for any bathroom or any other room in the home. At R&D Plumbing and Heating, we can answer your questions about radiant heat and any other home heating or cooling related topic. Contact us today.

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