Humidifier Services

We all know how cold Lloydminster’s winters can get, but fewer of us realize how dry it can be. Dryness contributes to several problems not just in the home, but for our health. When there’s not enough moisture in the air, all sorts of issues may arise. However, a whole house humidifier will prevent most of these problems and keep the family healthier.

Just like other indoor air quality products, humidifiers require skilled installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair services. Whether you’re buying a system for the first time or replacing an old one, the team at R&D Heating & Cooling is ready to help.

The Difference Between Steam and Evaporative Humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers have numerous benefits, which we’ll explain in the sections below. There are a few differences between steam and evaporative humidifiers, as shown here.

Evaporative humidifiers use forced air heating to spread water vapor throughout the home. This prevents mineral build-up from entering the air you breathe. One of the biggest benefits of an evaporative humidification system is that it costs less to operate and uses less electricity than other models. However, they need a forced air HVAC system to function.

A steam humidifier boils water and creates steam, which is then introduced into the air through duct-mounted dispersion tubes. These humidifiers are beneficial because they don’t need a forced air HVAC system to work. However, they cost a little more than evaporative units.

Let us help you find the right humidifier for your home. Call the experts at R&D Heating & Cooling of Lloydminster, AB today.

Why Whole House Humidification Works

The signs of a moisture deficiency aren’t always obvious. Most of Lloydminster’s homeowners wouldn’t even realize there’s a connection between low humidity and health problems, but over time, the effects would be felt.

Not only does low indoor humidity cause certain health issues such as dry skin, but it also leads to chipping paint, cracking wallpaper, splitting wood, and other damage. With a whole house humidifier, you can keep the air inside your home moist all the time.

Reasons to Install a Whole House Humidifier

Here are a few reasons to consider installing a home humidifier from R&D:

Better health. A whole house humidifier may reduce the frequency of upper respiratory problems in some family members.

Greater comfort. When the air in your home is too dry, your body is depleted of moisture, causing symptoms such as dry nose, itchy throat, and dry skin. A humidifier will alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms.

Protection. Dry air removes moisture from hardwood floors and walls, leading to unsightly and damaging cracks. Valuable artwork, electronics, and furniture may also be damaged by dry air. A whole house humidifier will protect the structure and its contents by putting the right amount of moisture into the air.

Energy conservation. Many of Lloydminster’s homeowners simply turn up the thermostat when they’re cold, but a humidifier will make you feel warmer at a lower setting. This will help save about 4% on your monthly heating bill for each degree the thermostat is lowered.

If you’re still not convinced, call R&D today to learn more about the benefits of whole house humidification.

Breathe Easier With a Humidifier

The adverse effects of low humidity don’t go away at night. Sleeping in a room with dry air will cause problems such as dry throat, which will disrupt a peaceful night’s sleep. Many of our customers have improved their sleep habits by installing whole house humidifiers. Call us today for a good night’s sleep, increased productivity, and better health.

We Install and Maintain Whole House Humidifiers in Lloydminster

Regardless of the type of humidifier you choose, our skilled technicians have the training and tools to handle system replacements, installations, maintenance, and repairs. We will make sure your whole house humidifier is properly sized for effective performance, and we’ll remove and recycle your old system if necessary.

If your existing system isn’t working as it should, we can help. Our maintenance plans will ensure that your home’s humidifier stays in peak condition throughout its lifespan. Don’t take chances with the air your family breathes—call the pros at R&D Heating & Cooling for humidifier service.