Furnace Repair in Lloydminster, AB

Cold winters are the norm in Lloydminster, so keeping your home’s furnace running well must always be a priority. Our specialists have what it takes to fix or maintain any heating system and make sure that your home will always be warm and welcoming. Give us a call now, or read on to learn more about why so many recommend our services to others.

Lloydminster’s Leading Furnace Experts

At R&D Plumbing & Heating, we have been proudly serving local homeowners for more than 30 years. Our deep roots in this wonderful community make us particularly proud of our area-wide reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

Choose us when your furnace needs a fix, and you can count on the same uncompromising service that we have become so well-known for. Our state-of-the-art headquarters helps us respond more quickly and effectively than any competitor. Every one of our furnace technicians ranks among the best-trained and most professional in the region.

Fast, Reliable Solutions to Every Furnace Problem

Some companies in the area are known for pushing new furnaces on customers who do not really need them. Our deep commitment to our clients means we will always be forthright and honest about your options.

Having the ability to fix any possible furnace issue allows us to serve our customers at a higher level. Some of the types of furnace repair services we most often provide focus on components like:

Pilot lights. When a furnace’s pilot light no longer works properly, an entire home can be left without much-needed heat. We can accurately diagnose any pilot light issue and fix it quickly.

Blowers. Your heating system’s blower is responsible for moving warm air throughout your home. A broken or balky blower can cause anything from a localized chill to a complete lack of heat.

Thermostats. A thermostat that no longer works properly will often put a furnace entirely offline. By keeping your heating system’s thermostat in order, our furnace technicians rule such problems out.

Burners. Soot, condensation, or simple wear and tear can render your furnace’s burner inoperable. Our furnace experts are always ready to respond so your home stays warm and toasty.

Filters. Regular use of our furnace maintenance services ensures that your system’s filters will never get clogged. Should an emergency replacement be needed, a quick call to R&D Plumbing & Heating will resolve the problem quickly.

Give Us a Call When Your Furnace Needs Attention

Homeowners all over Lloydminster, AB confidently recommend our furnace services to others. As a locally owned and operated company for decades, we take pride in giving back to the community with every job we do.

Whenever your furnace needs work, there are many good reasons to choose us over the other options. Some of those our loyal customers most often highlight are our:

Service quality. When it comes to furnaces, nothing matters more than a job well done, and we take that very seriously. We never take shortcuts with our furnace work or any of our other services. Call us, and you can be sure that your furnace problem will be resolved effectively and correctly. The peace of mind that follows will help you enjoy life at home even more.

Training. Our furnace technicians are the most knowledgeable and skilled to be found anywhere. In addition to hiring only the best, most talented people, we emphasize ongoing training more than any competitor. The dedicated training area at our cutting-edge headquarters allows our technicians to learn far more effectively than anyone else in the industry.

Responsiveness. When your furnace stops working, every second count. Our scale and resources allow us to respond more quickly than any competing company. From the moment you give us a call, we task team members with making sure your furnace problem gets resolved as soon as possible.

Transparency. Some furnace companies focus on making a quick buck from each customer. Our reputation and long record of success prove that we care about our clients. That includes being honest and forthcoming about everything we see and do when working on your furnace. This ultimately allows us to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

If your furnace needs repairs or maintenance now, pick up the phone and give us a call. We promise you will be thrilled with our work and approach to the business. Otherwise, keep us in mind for the next time you need furnace service of any kind, whatever the reason.