Fireplaces in Lloydminster, AB

Staying warm can often be a difficult challenge for some homeowners. The most common method of warming most modern homes are heating units and furnaces, but some houses also have fireplaces still to provide warmth. Fireplaces not only add a nice aesthetic to a home, but they can also provide a good amount of heat to warm the house as well. Keeping them maintained, however, is something that most homeowners rely on experienced contractors to handle due to the amount of labor involved. This labor typically includes cleaning not just the hearth area, but also the chimney and the flue.

Proper Fireplace Maintenance

There are, of course, a few things a homeowner should know to look for when keeping an eye on their fireplace and chimney’s health. Fall is typically the best time of the year to get Fireplace Maintenance since the upcoming months will slowly be getting colder. Luckily, it’s usually easy to spot an issue with a fireplace’s functionality, so here are a few tips for homeowners to look for.

Check the exterior of your chimney. If it’s a metal chimneypiece, look for corrosion, loose sections, or even stains around the exhaust point. Otherwise, look for cracks, holes, or chipped masonry or bricks. If any of these are present, or the chimney is leaning at all, it’s a good bet you’ll need a contractor soon.

Check for any leaks or stains around the chimney on the roof. This could mean that water is getting into the chimney or surrounding roof area, causing damage to the fireplace and the home.

Inspect the chimney cap, if one is present. If one isn’t present, it’s a good idea to have one installed since they provide a defense against rainwater damaging the interior of the fireplace and chimney, as well as the home.

Ensure the flue isn’t clogged with soot or in any state of disrepair. There may be cracks, holes, or even separations in the masonry. The flue is usually located in the basement of the house or can be located outside. It may require a flashlight and a small mirror to see inside of properly.

If for any reason you feel the chimney looks off, may need repair, or just want a better inspection performed, it’s advisable to call a professional for service. Getting a fireplace proper maintenance can be the difference between a cold winter and a warm home. It can also prevent fire-related damages from a faulty fireplace system.

Finding a Good Contractor

Hiring the right contractor is important. While saving money can go a long way at times, making the choice to hire a contractor should be based on experience and quality of work more than just saving a buck. Prepare for winter the best you can, with the most experienced help available to you. Check with multiple contractors to compare prices, labor costs, labor time, and availability before making any firm decision on who to go with.

Many contractors in the Lloydminster, AB area can provide amazing services for varied prices, so narrowing down the best for your needs is essential. Not every two contractors will be the same, and many will offer the same services for varied prices. It’s always a good idea to call and get an inspection done, which is usually free of charge, before deciding on who to go with. A free inspection will typically take under an hour of work to do, and provide the contractor with the information they need to diagnose any issues your fireplace may be experiencing so that they can provide you with the right services.


Staying warm should not be a hassle for any homeowner. A professional contractor can help any homeowner get their fireplace system back up and running safely and properly. Keeping a check on the fireplace periodically throughout the year and providing maintenance for it before the colder winter months hit, are two of the best and easiest ways to ensure a fireplace provides the warmth your family needs during colder seasons.

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