Air Conditioning in Lloydminster AB

When temperatures climb, homeowners want a functioning air conditioner to keep the home comfortable. If the AC isn’t working properly, a person might immediately call for a repair. Fortunately, certain problems don’t need a technician to pay a visit to the home. Knowing when to call for AC services in Lloydminster, AB, and when to resolve the problem on your own becomes of great importance at this time. The following problems commonly occur with air conditioning units, and we offer a likely solution for each problem.

Refrigerant Leaks

When an air conditioning unit lacks the necessary refrigerant, the home won’t reach the desired temperature. Low refrigerant issues arise when the unit wasn’t charged properly at the time of installation or it has developed a leak. When the problem occurs as a result of a leak, the homeowner cannot add refrigerant and believe they have resolved this issue.

Call for a repair, as a trained technician needs to find the leak, repair it, and charge the system to ensure the correct level of refrigerant is present. The charge needs to match the manufacturer’s specifications or the unit won’t provide the optimal performance and efficiency. Additionally, refrigerant leaks harm the environment, so address them promptly.

Improper Maintenance

Failing to maintain an air conditioning unit properly reduces the lifespan of the unit while increasing the odds of a problem developing. Filters need to be changed regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, although some homeowners find they need to complete this task more often. For instance, a homeowner with pets might need to replace the filters in their AC more frequently. A trained AC repair specialist can make recommendations on how often to change the filter based on what they see during their system inspection.

Air conditioning coils might also need cleaning, as dirty coils interfere with proper operation. Homeowners need to make certain the area around the outside unit remains free of obstructions to prevent early failure of the system. Homeowners find they can complete these tasks without calling in a technician. However, if these steps don’t resolve any issues being experienced with the system, it’s time to call in the pros.

Electronic Failure

Air conditioning units contain many parts, some of which are electronic. For instance, when a unit cycles frequently, the compressor and fan controls undergo excessive wear and tear. This leads to early failure of these components, a problem often seen when the unit is too large for the home.

In addition, corrosion of the terminals and wires remains a problem in certain systems, which is why they require regular maintenance, service, and inspections. The technician examines these components to detect problems at an early stage before they bring about bigger issues within the system.

Sensor Issues

Certain homes make use of room air conditioners. The home might lack a central cooling unit, or there could be areas of the home that never seem to cool as well as others. Speak to the technician to determine if they can make changes to the existing system to cool these areas, as there may be steps the homeowner can take to ensure all rooms in the home remain at a comfortable temperature.

If a homeowner must use a room air conditioning unit for some reason, sensor problems could lead to the unit not cooling as it should. These air conditioners contain a thermostat sensor behind the control panel. This sensor measures the air temperature entering the evaporative coil. When the sensor isn’t in the correct position, the unit may behave erratically or cycle frequently. This sensor needs to be close to the evaporative coil without touching it. If the homeowner feels comfortable accessing the interior of the unit, they can adjust this sensor by carefully bending the wire that holds it in place.

Drainage Issues

High humidity outdoors can lead to a clogged condensate drain within the home. If the drain cannot empty, this leads to issues within the system. Ask the technician how to check and clean this drain regularly to prevent problems. If a room air conditioner doesn’t drain properly, check to ensure it sits level. If not, make adjustments to the unit to allow it to drain as it should.

These are only a few of many issues that could arise with an air conditioning unit or system. When any AC problem arises, call a trained technician for help. Although the homeowner can handle minor problems, such as a dirty filter or clogged condensate drain, other issues require the help of a professional. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and call in the pros if you have any doubts about handling the problem. We are ready to assist with any cooling issue you are experiencing, so you remain comfortable in your home.